see p. B226

The damage bonus for Throwing Art only applies to purpose-built throwing weapons and doesn't "stack" with the damage bonus for Weapon Master. Neither bonus improves the damage listed for improvised weapons in the Basic Set. Martial artists with Throwing Art may find this expanded list of improvised weapons helpful:

Thrust-4 - Crushing: BB*, bottle cap, button, matchstick*, or wadded cigarette foil*. Cutting: Business card, creased cigarette foil, or folded dollar bill. Impaling: Paper dart

("airplane"), sewing needle*, straightened paperclip*, or 1" finishing nail*.

Thrust-3 - Crushing: Egg, ice cube*, pebble, small die, or 1" bolt. Cutting: Credit card, playing card, poker chip, or small coin (penny). Impaling: Blowgun dart*, chopstick, hairpin, hypodermic syringe, knitting needle, lockpick, pencil, or 2"-3" nail*.

Thrust-2 - Crushing: Large die, pistol cartridge, small tree nut, wristwatch, or 2"-3" bolt. Cutting: Large coin (silver dollar), pizza cutter, potsherd, or razor blade. Impaling: Dart (from the pub, not a war dart), fork, penknife, scalpel, or 4"-5" spike.

Thrust-1 - Crushing: Handball, pocket watch with chain, large tree nut, rifle cartridge, or 4"-5" bolt. Cutting: Metal ruler, paint scraper, or spatula. Impaling: Crossbow bolt, fondue fork, kebab skewer, screwdriver, table knife, or 6" spike.

Thrust - Crushing: Baseball, flashlight battery, machine gun cartridge (.50 or larger), or roll of coins. Cutting: Broken bottle, hand spade, hubcap, or metal plate. Impaling: Arrow, barbecue fork, marlinspike, piton, or railroad spike.

Thrust+1 - Crushing: Beer can or bottle (full), coconut, flashlight, horseshoe, purse of coins, rolling pin, telephone, or whetstone. Cutting: Cleaver, metal serving tray, or rotary saw blade. Impaling: Hedge trimmer, lawn dart, or pool cue (javelin-style). Swing+1 - Crushing: Baseball bat, golf club, ham (whole), pistol, pool cue (end over end), small household appliance (swung by power cord), or tire iron.

* At the GM's option, these items can also be blown from the mouth at full skill.

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