Throws from Locks

If you have a standing enemy in an Arm Lock, Finger Lock, Head Lock, or Leg Lock - including a lower-body version (see Using Your Legs, p. 79) - you can throw him using the trapped body part as the axis of the throw. You can try this on any turn after the one during which you applied the lock. This counts as an attack but is resolved with a Quick Contest: your Judo or lock technique vs. your victim's ST, DX, Breakfall, or best grappling skill. You may each take your pick; Breakfall isn't always ideal (see below).

If you win, you throw your opponent to the ground and twist the affected body part. This inflicts swing crushing damage. Wrestling adds its ST bonus as a damage bonus. Apply damage to the arm if an Arm Lock, hand if a Finger Lock, neck if a Head Lock, or leg if a Leg Lock.

If the defender wins or ties, he isn't thrown. (Exception: If he used Breakfall to resist, he falls if he wins or ties but isn't thrown for damage.) He's still in the lock unless you rolled a critical failure. If he's standing, you may try to throw him again on a later turn.

See Neck Snap (p. 77) and Wrench (Limb) (p. 82) for alternative ways to torque body parts, and Judo Throw (p. 75) and Sacrifice Throw (pp. 78-79) for other throws.

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