Tic Tacs

A "tic-tac" is a running leap at a vertical surface, followed by a foot plant and shove to propel you up and away. This requires a roll against the better of Acrobatics-4 or Jumping-4. Success gives you height equal to 1/4 your running broad jump distance (p. B352) and lets you rebound the same distance horizontally. Halve distances in combat. Failure means a fall from the same height; critical failure inflicts maximum falling damage.

If this moves you into contact with another surface (e.g., a parallel wall), you can push off again. Use the same rules but roll at an extra -2. The "run" for calculating distance is the horizontal distance from your last tic-tac (in yards, rounded down). You can keep bouncing - at -2 per tic-tac - until you stop short of a wall or gain height equal to Basic Move/2 yards.

Once you stop, you can try anything allowed after acrobatic movement, including an Acrobatic Attack (p. 107). You may try to clear an obstacle, if you're high enough; see Vaulting and Diving (p. 107). In either case, apply the cumulative penalty for tic-tacs if that would be worse than the usual modifier for movement.

Example: David has Basic Move 6. He runs 4 yards and pushes off the wall of an alleyway with an Acrobatics-4 roll. Broad jump distance is (2 x Basic Move) - 3 feet, but he adds 4 to Basic Move for his run, giving 17'. He flies 17'/4 = 4.25' (1.4 yards) horizontally and gains 4.25' of height. He hits the far wall, 3' away, and jumps again. His running start is only 1 yard from his previous tic-tac. The roll is Acrobatics-6. He succeeds. This gives 11', which launches him 11'/4 = 2.75' (0.9 yard) across the alley - not far enough for a third tic-tac - and gives him 2.75' more height, or 7' total. He can now dive for a vent that's 6' off the ground. He makes an Acrobatics-6 roll and slips through.

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