Tip Slash

If your weapon can thrust for impaling damage, you can instead swing it so that the tip pierces and rips across your target laterally. This is called a Tip Slash. Treat it as a cutting attack for all purposes: wounding modifiers, Injury Tolerance, etc. It can be useful when impaling damage doesn't affect your target much!

A Tip Slash is an attack at full skill, distinct from other attacks listed on the weapon table. For the purpose of Targeted Attacks (p. 68) and Combinations (p. 80), it's a different basic attack from "Thrust" or "Swing." Cutting damage equals the weapon's impaling damage, at -2. Weapon quality affects this normally. Where the rules distinguish between thrusts and swings (e.g., parrying unarmed), a Tip Slash is a swing, despite using thrust damage.

A Tip Slash uses the weapon's current maximum reach. If holding the weapon in a grip that permits two or more different attacks, use the longest reach. Parry and ST are unaffected.

Examples: A Tip Slash using a dagger (thrust-1 impaling) inflicts thrust-3 cutting at reach C. A Tip Slash with a fine-quality rapier (thrust+2 impaling) does thrust cutting at reach 2. A Tip Slash with a long spear held in two hands (thrust+3 impaling) delivers thrust+1 cutting at reach 2 or 3, depending on how you hold it.

Untrained Fighters

Untrained fighters are a danger to themselves . . . and often to their allies, too! These optional rules simultaneously make such combatants less predictable and limit their choices. They're realistic but add extra complexity.

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