To attack2 to defend

Note: If seated on something (e.g., a chair), the rules under Fighting While Seated (p. 83) apply instead.

Hit Location Effects: Remove -1 from the hit location penalty to attack the feet, legs, or groin of a standing man, but add -1 to hit his neck, face, eye, or skull.

Prohibited Attacks: Aerial kicks (Drop Kick, Flying Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Pole-Vault Kick, etc.), Back Kick, Backbreaker, Knee Drop, Piledriver, and any kind of slam.

Modified Attacks: The rules under Kneeling apply here, too. In addition, Elbow Strike cannot hit the neck, face, eye, or skull of a standing man. Knee Strike, any Sweep using a leg, and all permitted kicks are awkward, and have an extra -1 to attack and damage rolls. Downward kicks (Axe Kick, Stamp Kick, etc.) can only hit opponents who are crawling or lying down, or the feet of a standing foe, and do -1 damage.

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