To attack3 to defend

Hit Location Effects: Remove -2 from the hit location penalty to attack the feet or legs of a standing man, but add -2 to hit his neck, face, eye, or skull.

Prohibited Attacks: Aerial kicks (as explained for Sitting), Back Kick, Backbreaker, Elbow Drop, Knee Drop, and Piledriver.

Modified Attacks: Elbow Strike and Head Butt cannot reach any part of a standing man but his feet or legs, and cannot attack the neck, face, eye, or skull of anyone who isn't crawling or lying down. Stability removes -2 from the penalty for permitted kicks and Sweeps with legs, but lack of leverage gives -1 damage. Knee Strike, punches, and close-combat weapon attacks (reach C) cannot reach above the groin of a standing man.

Safety Soldier

Safety Soldier

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