To attack3 to defend

Hit Location Effects: Remove -2 from the hit location penalty to attack the feet or legs of a standing man, but add -2 to hit his neck, face, eye, or skull.

Prohibited Attacks: Backbreaker, Elbow Drop, Knee Drop, Piledriver, Scissors Hold, Two-Handed Punch, any Sweep using a leg, all kicks except Back Kick, and weapon strikes at reach 1+.

Modified Attacks: Elbow Strike is awkward, has an extra -1 to hit, and cannot reach the neck, face, eye, or skull of a standing man. Against a standing foe, Head Butt can only attack the groin, legs, or feet. Knee Strike can only target an opponent who is lying down, the legs or feet of a sitting man, or the feet of a standing man. Techniques from Using Your Legs (p. 79) can only target the legs of a standing man.

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