Trained by a Master

see p. B93

This advantage represents schooling in the esoteric secrets of one or more fighting styles. These martial arts might be armed or unarmed, and of any provenance. One of the primary purposes of Trained by a Master is to give access to cinematic abilities, which might include:

• The cinematic skills Blind Fighting, Body Control, Breaking Blow, Flying Leap, Hypnotic Hands, Immovable Stance, Invisibility Art, Kiai, Light Walk, Lizard Climb, Mental Strength, Power Blow, Precognitive Parry, Pressure Points, Pressure Secrets, Push, Sensitivity, Throwing Art, and Zen Archery - but only if they're part of one of the martial artist's styles!

• Any technique or perk marked with an asterisk (*) to indicate that it's cinematic, provided it belongs to one of the martial artist's styles.

• Exotic and supernatural advantages that are normally off-limits to ordinary humans, such as Altered Time Rate (p. 42), suitably modified Damage Resistance (p. 43), certain Innate Attacks (p. 45-47), and chi powers (see Chi Powers for Martial Artists, p. 46).

• Fewer restrictions on advantages that are available to everyone, such as being able to take Claws (p. 42) without Bad Grip, buy all Enhanced Defenses (pp. 43-44), possess more than one level of Extra Attack (p. 44), have Resistant (p. 47) at up to +8 vs. chi abilities, and wield Strikers (p. 47) with Karate.

Another significant benefit of this advantage is to expand the martial artist's combat options. In campaigns that use the optional rules in Chapter 4, Trained by a Master (or Weapon Master) is required for Chambara Fighting (pp. 128130) and Bullet Time (p. 133). The GM may also make it a prerequisite for attacking more than twice with Rapid Strike (see Rapid Strike, p. 127) or employing extra effort in a fight (see Extra Effort in Combat, p. 131). Those with Trained by a Master are never subject to Harsh Realism for Unarmed Fighters (p. 124). Finally, Trained by a Master halves the penalties for Rapid Strike (p. B370) and multiple parries (p. B376) - although this isn't cumulative with the similar halving for Weapon Master.

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