Trick Weapons

An alternative to the rigs above is to modify the weapon, removing its handle or stock and replacing it with a mechanism for extending it (like a sleeve sword on an armband) or firing it (like a sleeve pistol crossbow). This adds 50% to the weapon's cost. The added mechanism replaces a grip, so there's no effect on weight. This gives +2 to Holdout.

To use a trick weapon, the wearer must be able to work its mechanism. This requires a free hand for a wrist-blade, a bow from the waist for a back-mounted crossbow, etc., and a DX (not Fast-Draw) roll. Success readies a melee weapon instantly or fires a missile weapon. Failure means nothing happens; repeated attempts are possible. Critical failure means the weapon falls off, stabs the wearer, or anything else the GM likes. Trick weapons are notoriously finicky!

A strapped-on weapon is awkward. Melee weapons give -1 to skill. Missile weapons have Acc 0 and never get Aim bonuses.

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