You can knock two foes together! Use the rules above, with these changes:

Ail-Out Grapple and Strike: As your initial grapple, make a Dual-Weapon Attack (-4) against adjacent foes in close combat. Both defend normally. If you grapple only one, your grapple counts but you can't strike. If you grapple both, make a DX, Brawling, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling roll to ram them together. They may defend as usual. If both fail, you inflict thrust-1 crushing damage to the grappled location on each. The only damage bonus is +1 if you grapple two skulls and knock them together.

Kiss the Wall: You may ram your grappled adversary into any hit location on an enemy within a yard. Use the worst hit location penalty; e.g., bashing a face (-5) into a leg (-2) gives -5. Your second opponent defends normally, although the incoming body counts as a weapon with weight equal to the first victim's ST (p. B376). If either foe defends, nobody is hurt. If both fail, each takes thrust crushing damage, plus skill bonuses. The +1 for a hard surface applies only when ramming skulls together.

Switch Arms for Legs: If you've used your arms to grapple a foe, you can attack to grapple him with your legs (see Using Your Legs, p. 79) and then let go with your arms as a free action - or vice versa. Defense While Grappling (pp. 121-122) affects enemy defenses against such follow-up grapples.

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