Using Techniques Together

Some techniques can be used together in a way that combines all of their effects in a single success roll. For instance, you could use Ground Fighting (p. 73) with Kicking (pp. 75-76) to kick from the ground, rolling only once to attack. In such situations, determine the relative level of each technique by taking the difference between its level and that of its parent skill. Like relative skill level (p. B171), this is helpful information to note on your character sheet. To calculate your level with the combined technique, sum the relative levels of all the techniques involved and add the total to the underlying skill.

Example: With Karate at 14, Kicking at 13, and Ground Fighting (Karate) at 12, your relative level with Kicking is 13 - 14 = -1. Your relative level with Ground Fighting is 12 - 14 = -2. When kicking from the ground, add relative levels and roll at Karate-3, or 11.

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