Utility Techniques

The GM may allow a technique that "buys off' a specific situational skill penalty for all uses of a skill, if a fighter could logically study a body of moves that would be useful in that situation. However, no technique can eliminate a general category of penalties, such as "all posture penalties." For instance, Ground Fighting (p. 73) defaults to skill-4 and permits a fighter to buy off the -4 to attack when lying down, while Low Fighting (p. 77) defaults to skill-2 and does the same for the -2 when sitting or kneeling . . . but a single technique couldn't encompass both.

Utility techniques need not be based on combat skills to be useful in a fight. Warriors might be able to improve their odds with special uses of Acrobatics, Jumping, and other athletic skills in combat; see Acrobatic Stand (p. 98) and Breakfall (pp. 68-69) for examples.

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