Vaulting and Diving

Anybody can crawl under a table, clamber over the hood of a car, etc., in two turns, as explained under Jumping During Combat (p. B352). To bypass such an obstacle without stopping, you must run at least two yards toward it to build momentum, have one or more movement point left, and attempt an Acrobatics roll. This roll is at -4 to dive through a window, or to tuck and roll between a high obstacle and a low one, such as two pipes or laser beams.

Success means you tumble under, vault over, or dive past the obstacle. This costs one movement point - but if you have any movement left, you can keep moving. You can try this stunt again on the same turn, but at a cumulative -2 per attempt after the first.

Failure means you fall down under or atop the obstacle but manage to avoid collision damage. Of course, falling "onto" flame or deadly lasers still hurts! Critical failure means you collide with the barrier, suffer collision damage (see Collisions and Falls, p. B430) if it's solid, and end your turn lying down in front of it.

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