Wait requires you to name a particular event and declare your response in advance. The event can be as general or as specific as you wish. You could specify, "I'll Attack Otto with my rapier if he steps into reach on my right and utters so much as one word." However, it would be equally legitimate to declare, "I'll Attack Otto with my rapier if he steps into reach," or, "I'll use my rapier to Attack the first enemy who steps into reach."

Your response must be more specific. You must name the maneuver and weapon you plan to use; e.g., "I'll Attack with my main-gauche" or "I'll All-Out Attack (Strong) with my rapier." You don't have to name particular combat options or techniques, though; you can decide these when you act. For instance, when you Attack with your rapier, you could choose to disarm, stab to the vitals, make a Rapid Strike, etc.

The new maneuvers Committed Attack (pp. 99-100) and Defensive Attack (p. 100) are both valid responses. If you choose Committed Attack, you must specify in advance whether it will be Determined or Strong.

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