Weapon Master

see p. B99

In a Martial Arts campaign, this advantage represents natural talent with low-tech weapons, or training in the esoteric secrets of an armed fighting style. Its main benefit is the damage bonus noted in the Basic Set, but it also grants access to cinematic abilities, which might include:

• The cinematic skills Blind Fighting, Flying Leap, Kiai, Mental Strength, Power Blow, Precognitive Parry, Pressure Points, Sensitivity, Throwing Art, and Zen Archery, as long as they belong to one of the martial artist's armed combat styles.

• Weapon techniques and perks marked as cinematic (*), provided they're found among the martial artist's armed styles.

• Several advantages that are usually forbidden to normal characters, such as Altered Time Rate (p. 42), Gizmos (p. 45), certain Innate Attacks (pp. 45-47), and chi powers (see Chi Powers for Martial Artists, p. 46).

• Exemption from the usual restrictions on Enhanced Defenses (pp. 43-44) and Extra Attack (p. 44).

Those with Weapon Master also have wider options in combat. When using weapons covered by their advantage, they receive half the usual penalties for Multiple Fast-Draw (p. 103), Quick-Shooting Bows (pp. 119-120), Rapid Strike with Thrown Weapons (pp. 120-121), and Multiple Blocks (p. 123). At the GM's option, they can use Chambara Fighting (pp. 128-130) and Bullet Time (p. 133), too. They can generally attack more than twice using a Rapid Strike (see Rapid Strike, p. 127) and employ extra effort in battle (see Extra Effort in Combat, p. 131) - even if ordinary fighters cannot.

As the Basic Set indicates, if you have Weapon Master, you may halve the penalties for Rapid Strike (p. B370) and multiple parries (p. B376). Those who also have Trained by a Master do this once - they don't divide by 4. However, the halving of penalties for quick-shooting bows does "stack" with the effects of Heroic Archer (p. 45), for Weapon Master specialties covering bows.

These benefits apply when using any weapon covered by your advantage - whether in melee or ranged combat, and whether defending against melee attacks or using the Parry Missile Weapons skill (p. B212) against missiles - as long it's capable of what you wish to attempt.

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