Popular Martial Styles of Chi Kung Training

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There are two categories of Chi Kung training, martial arts and pure Chi Kung for health, longevity, and spiritual attainment. Within each category there are many styles. The most popular of the pure Chi Kung methods are the Yi Gin Ching attributed to Da Mo and Ba Dun Gin or Eight Pieces of Brocade. These are discussed in Chapter 2.

The most popular martial arts used for Chi Kung are Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Liu Ho Ba Fa, and Ba Kua. Here we will give only a brief review of the history and theory; the student should refer to a book or instructor of each style for deeper study.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

Anytime an individual decides to learn how to protect themselves, learn self defense, or become a better person, one thing comes to mind - Martial Arts. Martial Arts are now being practiced all over the world.

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