If you are not fast enough, as soon as you try to apply the lock your opponent may bend forward to throw you over his head, or to twrist out of the lock. That's where a powerful pull back on his neck and a kick forward against the back of his knees come in.

Always expect the enemy to resist. If he doesn't, then it's easy. If he does, be ready for him. How? By practising the holds against increasing resistance. But always be careful. Blows and kicks can help you when actually fighting.

Fig. 118

Get your hips well behind him. Hang him with your right arm!

Clamp the front of his neck tightly in your right elbow bend before you start putting on the real pressure.

Fig. 119 The Lock.

Clamp his neck tightly with your right arm and increase the pressure by pulling your right wrist back and in to you. Your palms face each other, your left hand grasping up at the little finger edge of your right wrist. Place your right leg against the back of his knees and pull him over.

Occasionally practise this lock blindfolded so that by touch you may be able to apply it effectively in partial or complete darkness.


Fig. 120

Fig. 120

What's wrong here?

It looks pretty effective.

But to he just a little bit better the sharp thumb edge of your right wrist should be turned in more against his neck so your right palm faces down. Your left hand, palm up, should grab at your right wrist from beneath it.

Fig. 121

Dr. H. L. who is a psychiatrist and member of the Society of Arwrologists was sitting in his office one day when an insane pa-

Does It Work? It Has. An actual case.


tient, a powerful sailor, rushed into the room and demanded to be released immediately from the insane asylum.

He would not be appeased and in a rage started to fight the doctor who is very slight in build.

The doctor managed to ward off blows long enough. to get the Carotid Artery Arwr Lock on the man for a few seconds. This subdued the insane patient long enough for a straight jacket to be put on. Physically the man was unharmed as the doctor had applied the lock for only a short time. The doctor's shirt was torn.

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