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Arwrology is derived from the old Welsh word arwr9 meaning an all-out hand-to-hand fighter. It was developed by Gordon E. Perrigard, a Canadian medical doctor who combined his knowledge of advanced ju-jitsu with his knowledge of human anatomy to come up with this devas-tatingly effective close-in combat system. Arwrology was originally released in 1943 in Canada for use in training combatants for World War II. Martialists from all over the world quickly hailed its superior fighting methods, and today it remains one of the most highly sought after—and most valuable—fighting manuals in the world.

Arwrology is distinctive because it uses a single system of conditioned reflexes based on general body movement for both armed and unarmed fighting. If one method fails to subdue an attacker, a practitioner can effortlessly flow to another technique without exposing his body to attack. Through clear instructions, photos, and illustrations Arwrology shows you how to

• Defeat someone armed with a firearm, knife, dagger or club

• Use knowledge to overcome brute strength

• Fall without injury and rise up without using your hands

• Get out of strangleholds, grips, and other holds

• Train to develop fast reflexes and important fighting muscles

Don't miss your chance to add this authentic reproduction of an extremely rare combat classic to your library at a price you can afford.

ISBN 978-1-58160-507-5




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Courtesy of Canadian Army Photo

Canadian Hand Hand Combat






This reprint edition of Arwrology, Gordon Perrigard's classic book of World War II-era hand-to-hand combat, is published with the permission of the original Canadian publisher, Renouf Publishing Company. Visit its Web site at

Arwrology by Gordon E. Perrigard, M.D.

Copyright ©, Canada, 1943 by Gordon E. Perrigard, M.D.

Reprint edition published 2006 by Paladin Press

ISBN 10: 1-58160-507-2

ISBN 13: 978-1-58160-507-5

Printed in the United States of America

Published by Paladin Press, a division of Paladin Enterprises, Inc. Gunbarrel Tech Center 7077 Winchester Circle Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA + 1.303.443.7250

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