Blow Powery Practice With A Sand Bag

Fig. 63

Fig. 63

Face a sand-bag, getting right up close to it. (A wall or post may be substituted for a sand-bag.)

1. Bring your right hand across your left shoulder.

2. Strike the sand-bag with the back of your right elbow.

3. Next with the little finger edge of your stiffened out right hand, fingers held tightly together.

4. Next with your left fist. (Like the "straight left" blow in boxing). At the same time bring up your left knee for a high knee blow.

5. Next with the front of your left elbow.

6. Next with the back of your left elbow.

7. Next with the edge of your left hand.

8. Next with your right fist, also giving a right knee blow-

9. Next with the front of your right elbow. Keep pressing forward all the time.

Repeat the cycle of blows over and over until you have attained your maximum speed. Deliver hard blows.

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