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These simple tricks are inserted as aids only and are not to be considered reliable methods in their own right. But sometime they may help you to secure a more deadly hold. Remember that you should always try to end up with a deadly blow or death-dealing Arwr lock on your enemy, no matter how you start.

No. 1 Bend Back Finger

Fig. 215

A simple little trick which often helps to remove a man's hand from your throat or wrist is to grab one of his fingers, especially the little finger, and bend it back. This is especially effective if you hold his wrist firmly with your other hand. It's a fair grip to lead some men away with too.

Push In Knee

Fig. 216

When behind a tall opponent, you may pull him down to your height by grasping his upper arms and turning slightly to your left, shove your right foot into the back of his left knee.

Then you may clamp a death-dealing Posterior Arwr Lock on his neck.

No. 3 Head Twist

Fig. 217

Here's an effective little trick. Facing your opponent, your left hand goes over his right shoulder and grabs the left side of the back of his head. Your fingers go a little over his ears. Pull his head to your left.

The palm of your right hand shoves the right side of his chin to your right.

Thus twist his head around and clamp a death-dealing Posterior Arwr lock on his neck.

(His arms will not be by his sides as shown above. Catch on? Work fast! This trick has several applications, such as pulling a man out of a car.)

No. 4 Foot Twist

Fig. 218

Twist his foot to turn him on his face.

Sometimes it is advisable after throwing your enemy to turn him over onto his stomach. The reason is obvious, as then he cannot reach up at you and he has difficulty in seeing what you are doing.

With your enemy on his back, you have grabbed his right foot, heel in your left hand and toe and dagger in your right hand, and you have twisted his foot around so he is forced to turn on his stomach.

Then you can spring on top of his back with the point of your dagger leading the way. Throw all your weight he-hind the dagger.

If unarmed, jump onto his back and secure a death-dealing Posterior Arwr Lock on his neck. Remember it? You may also grip him tightly with your legs about his waist in the common "Scissors" hold, used so often in wrestling.

Look out for kicks and bending of knees. Work fast.

Fig. 219

No. 5 Wrist Bend

Fig. 219

Instructions :

The Wrist Bend hold occasionally may be used to some effect.

First, with your left hand grab down on the thumb edge of his right wrist, so your thumb crosses over the middle of the back of his hand.

Bend his wrist in on his forearm, twisting his hand up to your left.

Second, your right hand reinforces the grip by grabbing the little finger edge of his hand so your fingers curl into his palm and your thumb crosses over your left thumb.

Bend his wrist in and twist his hand a little over to your left. Get in close and lever his hand down, probably bringing him to his knees.

Look out for a blow from his left hand. Keep your right elbow and arm ready to guard your face. Work in close to your opponent in all these methods. Don't forget you've got knees to strike with, and so has he. Keep your right knee ready to deliver a blow, or to swing across to your left to guard your crotch. Turn a little left too, against knee blows.


An Empty Gun Used As A Weapon


An Empty Gun Used As A Weapon

Fig. 220

After accurately emptying your revolver or automatic, grab the gun firmly as shown above, with your forefinger still over the trigger. You have flipped the gun back in your hand so your thumb grabs over the middle of the barrel and your fingers press up towards your index finger.

(If the gun is loaded this prevents the trigger being pulled in case you wish to give a blow with the gun when silence is preferred.)

The end of the butt juts out past the little finger edge of your hand. Now you can deliver the usual back edge-hand blows with the steel end of the butt.

Remember that the carotid sinus is a good spot to strike at in the side of the neck. This method keeps the gun more securely in your grasp than just grabbing the barrel. You can give more varied and more deadly blows with it, being able to strike under a helmet,

No. 7 Push In Knee

Carotid Sinus Strike

Fig. 221

If someone puts an arm lock on you, as shown above, a simple escape may be affected by turning sideways, and shoving in the back of your captor's knee with your foot, pulling out of his grip.


"Spin Under" Escape From Arm-Lock



"Spin Under" Escape From Arm-Lock


Figs 222 — 223

If anyone twists your left arm behind your back (Fig. 222), an effective defence-offense throw may be carried out.

It is an example of how the various methods may be applied to varying circumstances.

When your left arm is twisted behind your back, 1. Bend down low. 2. Duck around to your left, under his left arm. 3 .At the same time, put your right leg behind his legs. 4. Slide your right arm across the front of his body, and throw him back over your right leg. (Right Assault Trip Throw, See Part II, Chapter 1.)

If he twists your right arm behind your back, bend down low, and duck around to your right so you face the same direction as your opponent. Put your left arm across the front of his stomach and put your left leg behind him. Throw him back over it (Fig. 223).

This throw should be performed so fast that no one should be able to see what actually is happening.


1.—If anyone can see what you're doing, you're not doing it fast enough. (Or it's not dark enough.)

2.—If he grabs with both hands, strike.

3.—Watch what he's not using and what you're not using.

5.—Standing throw, lying strike.

7.—Read, study, visualize, attempt, perfect!

8.—When you see a leg between your legs, pick it up.

9.—Do unto others as they would do to you, but do it first.

10.—Whenever your enemy grabs your wrist when you are holding a dagger, pull BACK and DOWN.

11.—It is difficult to duck under a man's arm.

He can suddenly bend his arm and clamp it close to his body.

12.—To prevent a man from twisting your wrist, clench your fist tightly and straighten out your arm, forcing it down.

13.—When tying a man's wrists together be sure that

(a) His fingers are out straight,

(b) You tie between his wrists after tying about them.


In training to become a Jiu-Jitsu expert, centuries ago, undergoing a diet for periods of about a month was considered important.

For those students who are not fortunate enough to be under the nutrition care of the armed forces, and who have no pathological condition present causing their abnormality of weight, the following diet suggestions may be of some value. Xaturally they are not to be followed interminably.

For good general health, a sufficiently high vitamin and mineral intake must be maintained continuallv, regardless of any diet, and strict dieting should not be indulged in unless recommended by your physician.

However some men are obviously overweight or underweight simply because of poor eating habits.



Cereal and plenty of cream

Glass of milk

One egg

Banana or prunes

Glass of orange juice

Three slices of bread and butter

Two large tablespoonfuls of jam or jelly

Eight teaspoonfuls of sugar and a cup of coffee !

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