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Step Back Trip Throw

Your left hand pnlls his left arm past your left side. Your right hand pushes his left shoulder.

Horizontal Break Pattella

Put the back of your right knee behind his right knee.

Bend your left knee. Sag dowrn on it.


Knee Kick Self Defence

Fig. 97

Sweep up his right leg from under him by pulling back your right leg and push his left shoulder with your right hand and pull his right arm with your left hand.

(Note the automatic reflex break-fall position of his left arm—fingers out stiff and straight, and forearm and hand horizontal with the ground.)

Fig. 98

Throw him to the ground. Then follow up.

Break Notes Left

(Note : Even after breaking his fall, he has kept his head off the ground —a good point.)

But what if lie doesn't go down? Book no good? Frankly this throw is a technique builder. I doubt if I would ever use it. However it is extremely important because it develops essential balance and poise.

The Japanese practice a throw very similar to this, the Ke-kaeshi Throw, and they claim it is very practical, but I doubt it, unless several other little tricks are woven into the throw to make it more reliable.

Some Points.

If your opponent resists forward then instead of pushing his left shoulder with your right hand, jab your right thumb into the left side of his neck, or give a sharp blow against the right or left side of his chin with the heel of your right palm,—an example of combining blows with throws (Fig. 99). Push against the left side of his chest with the front of your right elbow when pushing him over your right leg.

Whenever you do not think you will be able to complete the throw, pull him towards you with your left hand grip and give him a back edge-hand blow with your right hand against the side of his neck.

This throw works best when your opponent is in motion, coming towards you. As soon as he steps his right foot forward onto the ground, that's the exact moment to put your right leg behind it and throw him off balance.

The throw has to be executed at exactly the right time. Otherwise he'll lean forward and put up forceful opposition. This throw will teach you timing.


Throwing With Leg Opposition
Fig. 99

You can give a blow to the left side of his chin with the heel of your right palm instead of a push against his left shoulder.


There is a fast way to apply this throw.—

Instead of grabbing cloth, just push and pull. With the heel of your right palm give a sharp forward blow against the front of his left shoulder, and with your left palm pull the back of his right upper arm and shoulder to you. Put your right leg across the outside of his right leg and behind his legs. With a hard backward pull of your right leg, strike against the back of his knees, the right one particularly.

Do these three actions simultaneously;—left hand pulls, right hand pushes, right leg goes behind him.

Twist him off his feet. Turn sharply left, throwing him to the ground.

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