Rut he grabs down on your right wrist with both hands Fig 142

Fig. 142

You stab up at him with your right hand, and he grabs your wrist with both hands. What are you going to do?

Fig. 143

What are you going to do now?

Just put the dagger in your other hand (Figs. 143 and 144). And let him have it! (Fig. 145).

Fig. 143

Just change hands ! Slip the knife into your left hand,

Just change hands ! Slip the knife into your left hand,

Fig. 144 —and—

HOW TO USE A DAGGER 165 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fig. 145 stab him.

This action is simple, but it must be fast, automatic, a conditioned reflex. When fighting fiercely for your life, you have not got much time to think and the more automatic movements and reactions you have prepared for your defence, the safer will be the result.

This procedure works just as well if you are stabbing down at him.—Also "if you have a gun, club, sock full of dirt or a rock in your hand instead of a knife!




Situation :

1.—Facing your enemy, and holding your dagger upright in your right hand, you have stabbed up at him.

2.—To defend himself, he grabs down on your right wrist with his right hand, fingers over the inside of your wrist. What are you to do? (Fig. 146).

3.—With your left hand grab his right wrist with your fingers going over the top of his wrist. Pull it down to your left pushing your right hand forward, swinging your right hand around to your left, passing your thumb over the back of your left hand. You may raise up your right elbow and powerfully lever your knuckles down against his right wrist. Pull your right hand out of his grip (Fig. 147).

4.—Still holding his right wrist with your left hand, swing your right elbow around to your left (Fig. 148).

5.—Then slam the back of your right elbow against the right side of his neck (Fig. 149).

6.—Follow up with a right back-hand blow against the same spot on the right side of his neck. Strike with the end of the handle (Fig. 150).

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