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Where to stab the enemy :

Generally yon have not time to choose a choice spot. Fundamentally there are two things to aim at to make a stab wound quickly fatal. 1. A large artery. 2. One of the vital organs in the body.

Brachial Artery Surface Anatomy
Fig. 138 Fig. 139

1.—Stab. Femoral artery, in inside of thigh.

2.—Stab. Liver, on right side behind lower ribs.

3.—Stab. Brachial artery, inside of upper arm.

4.—Stab. Down in the angle between his neck and the back of his collar bone.

5.—Blow. Temple. About an inch above and in front of the top of the ear. Middle meningeal artery.

G.—Stab. Carotid arterv. Side of neck to the front.

7.—Stab. Heart. Left side of chest. Between breast bone and left nipple.

8.—Stab. Spleen. On left side of his back, behind his lower ribs.

There are three main arteries. 1. The femoral in the inside of his thigh. 2. The brachial in the inside of his upper arm. 3. The carotid in the side of his neck.

Main Artery Arm
Fig. 140
Surface Anatomy The Liver

To learn the exact location of these large blood vessels consult a good anatomy book. Feel for them on your own body. Arteries pulsate, they beat like your heart.

Three vital organs which you may stab at are the heart, the liver and the spleen. You generally hit the heart stabbing in the left side of his chest between his breast bone and left nipple. Stab up under his lower right ribs to get his liver. His spleen is behind his lower ribs (9, 10, 11) on the left side of his back.


An interesting anecdote of the first world war was related by Dr. Fraser B. Gurd one evening to the Society of Arwrologists. We had been reviewing the military methods of stabbing with dagger and bayonet.

Dr. Gurd told of a German prisoner who had received more than one hundred and twenty-seven bayonet wounds, yet the prisoner was able to report for questioning, in three days!

The German had been knockcd unconscious. A British captain had lifted him over his shoulder to carry him back to a dressing station, when the German reached down, pulled out the captain's revolver and shot him dead.

Several Irish "Tommies" who were following in the rear, saw what happened, and, in blind rage, attacked the German with their bayonets before he could m*

fire the revolver again. Not one of the hundred and twenty-seven bayonet wounds were serious. They had missed every vital structure.

The moral of the story is that there are very few spots in the body where a stab wound is quickly fatal. Where are they? Bemember?


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