The Dura Hold




Purpose : 1. Exercise

2. Psychological value

3. Method of carrying a wounded comrade with one hand.

4. Offense throw.

1. Exercise

THIS hold provides an exercise which teaches how to attain and maintain firm, carrying balance and with it rhythm and speed may be cultivated for action.

When applying this hold correctly you should not have to use much exertion. Students will find when they are practising it, that it will be difficult at first, especially when lifting a man who weighs over two hundred pounds. That is the exercise. Once the hold is mastered, it will not matter whether you are lifting one or three hundred pounds onto your back. When this technique has been mastered with one man, progressive exercise should be practiced; that of lifting or throwing one man after another in quick succession. You may find that variations in weight and height may reveal weaknesses in your technique, which you should analyze and correct.

2. Psychological Value

This comes when one man is faced by four or more opponents and practices his speed by trying to throw them all within a definite time limit. (Seconds) A self-confidence and power of initiative is created by the habit of facing more than one man, single-handed.

3. Method of Carrying a Wounded Man with one Hand

This hold provides a simple method of carrying a man, who weighs more than you do, on your back.

This would be especially valuable in certain instances when you might have to carry a wounded comrade back from a Commando raid, with only one arm available. Perhaps you are wounded in the other arm, or perhaps you are carrying a Tommy gun.

4. Offense Throw

Perhaps you will be able to throw one of the enemy over your head with this hold, IF he lets you grab him, IF he does not grab you about the neck, IF he does not pull back after you have grabbed him.

I do not think highly of the D-U-R-A Hold for active fighting, unless you find yourself in a suitable position for using it (Fig. 73).

There are many other throws, much more effective for offense work. Still, master it. These D-U-R-A throws have been used to good advantage, and the technique used is valuable in learning more advanced combat work.

Fig. 73

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