Swinging elbow

The boxer swings up the tip of the right of elbow to the opponent's jaws and steps the right foot forwards. This trick is used for attack, defense or escape.

To protect wipes the left arm or throws the left arm to the left.

To counter: does the same as the tricks in SOK FAN NAH (strikes the front elbow). If the boxer is a left handed fighter reverse the descriptions from right to left.

Swinging elbow (Horizontal Elbow)

From the basic stance, lower and pull in the hand of the elbow with which you will strike. Raise your shoulder on that side as high as possible to compensate as guard. Your body motions should be the same as for the hook punch except that you must strike with the point of your elbow rather than with your fist. The elbow strike is also done at a closer range than the hook.

Again, your hips, shoulders and feet move simultaneously in coordination, otherwise, you will not gain the maximum potential power for this attack.

When using the elbow attack, your elbow should be between 45 and 90 degrees angle away from your head. You must hit with the sharp tip of the elbow bone and not the bottom of your forearm. You will want to hit with the bone ridge located toward the inside of your arm.

You must lean your body away with more emphasis than for the hook to make impact with your elbow bone while maintaining correct body position.

When using the horizontal elbow, it is important to first clear the path and remove his guard because an experienced Thai boxing opponent always keeps his guard up. If your opponent does not drop his guard, you must strike down his guard arm and then strike with your elbow.

On the elbow strikes, try to hit your target with just the sharp point of the bone so that it barely yet forcefully makes contact. This is the blow that will cut your opponent's face. It is best to use this technique to strike his forehead, eyebrow, or cheekbone. Alter completing the elbow strike, snap your elbow back next to your ribs and bring your hand to your face to block a counterstrike. When you use the elbow, it is important to follow all the way through with your target.

Since the body is already turned after the elbow is thrown, it is possible to bring the elbow back upwards and strike again as the fighter returns to the basic stance.

Twist your body back into position and allow the elbow to follow the same path as you return to your stance. Your hips, shoulders, and feet should all move at once. You should try once again to hit with the sharp elbow bone to cut your opponent's face with the bottom of your elbow for a knockout.

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