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Before undertaking serious plyometric training, it is important that you first develop a strength base. Since the force developed in some types of explosive training can reach 20 times your body weight, it is easy to see why you must be strong enough to withstand such forces. This means that you must develop concentric, eccentric, and isometric strength since all three of these muscle exercise regimes are used in plyometrics (explosive training). When you start training you should first go on an all - round total body conditioning program. You should do exercises to develop all the muscles of the body and all the joints in all of their actions. This type of training should last between 1 - 3 months, depending upon your initial level of fitness. Once this general base is well developed, you should then begin to do strength exercises which more closely duplicate the actual movements involved in your sport(s), including plyometrics. The more specific the exercises, the greater will be the effectiveness of your workouts.

The development of explosive strength is more complex, and four methods are used. They are:

• exercises with weights

• jump exercises (which up to this time have comprised the more popular concept of plyometric training)

• specialized equipment

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