Arm Position In Raising Gun To Eye Level

After initial practice, the hand gun should be carried in this

'ready" position. The elbow is slightly flexed, to prevent tiring. It is an easy matter to straighten the arm to the straight locked position while the gun is being raised to eye level.

From this natural, relaxed, carrying position it is very easy to assume the straight-arm, locked-wrist position before or while raising the weapon for firing. This will be done naturally by the shooter; no special emphasis will have to be placed on it after initial training.

At the outset, the straight, locked-wrist-and-elbow ready position should be emphasized, so that the student can develop accuracy and will understand the shooting principles. Later on, after proficiency is acquired, he can be allowed to carry his weapon in the more relaxed ready position in which he will normally carry it in potential combat areas when not actually firing.

Looking at the carrying or ready position from the front, it will be noted, in the training stage, that the gun arm ideally

PROPER "READY" POSITION. WEAPON IN PROPER RELATION TO THE BODY CENTER AND EYES The gun is carried toward the body center and, when raised, it is at eye level and between the eyes.

should be swung in toward the body center and that the wrist of the gun hand should be flexed slightly to the right, so that a perpendicular line could be drawn from the belt buclde, through the muzzle of the weapon, the tip of the nose, and exactly through the center of the forehead between the eyes. If the shooter carries his weapon in this basic ready position and raises it straight up until the gun is between his eyes and the target, as he would in raising his hand to point

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