Body Areas Most Vulnerable To Knife Attack

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A man attacked from the front by a bladed weapon has two spots he instinctively protects—the throat and the stomach, or abdominal section. Perhaps the reason why he instinctively protects these two areas is that they are easy for an opponent to reach. In any event, the psychological effect of a knife wound in these areas, whether it is serious or not, is so great that the victim is usually momentarily incapacitated.

The throat area is vulnerable to either the thrust or the slash, the thrust being most effective when driven into the hollow at the base of the throat just below the Adam's apple. A thrust there, into the jugular vein, or a slash on either side of the neck, cutting the arteries which furnish the blood to the brain, results in extreme loss of blood and death in a very short time. Thrusts in the abdominal area, which can be combined with the slash as the knife is withdrawn, have- a great shocking effect and usually incapacitate the opponent to the point where another blow can be given with the weapon before he has a chance to recover. A deep wound in the abdominal area will cause death if unattended, but it is much slower in taking effect than a good thrust or slash in the throat area. The heart, of course, is a vital spot for the thrust, but the protection of the ribs makes it more difficult to hit. In some cases, knife thrusts directed toward the heart have been stopped by the ribs and the point of the knife broken off by the bony structure, without causing a vital wound. Usually, however, the blade will slide off the rib and go into the vital area. The heart thrust is, of course, fatal.

It is possible to get an effective slash across the sides of the throat from the rear; but one of the most effective knife Strokes in th? rear of the victim is the thrust delivered into

Knife Attack Body

FRONTAL ATTACK The throat, stomach and abdominal areas are die points most vulnerable to frontal attack. These are the areas that must be defended against any type of attack. A slight wound in any of these will have a serious psychological effect; and a deep wound is potentially fatal.

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