HIP SHOOTING (Continued)

There are too many danger points affecting accuracy in this type of firing. A prohibitive amount of practice is necessary to achieve any degree of combat proficiency by this method.

weapon. For psychological reasons, a man will have more confidence in a weapon of his own choosing; hence the weapon will have a direct bearing on his proficiency in practice and in combat.

TRAINING METHODS In training groups of men in combat firing, it is very important that the proper introduction be given. In the introductory phase, the differences between target firing and combat firing must clearly be defined. Each must be put in its proper perspective. It must be stressed that each way of firing complements the other, to make the ideal hand gun user.

HIP SHOOTING (Continued)

It is difficult to master this method of shooting, where the elbow is bent as much as shown above, or when it is resting on the hip. It is hard to achieve, through practice, the ability always to bend the elbow at the same angle under combat conditions.

It is advisable to show the various methods of combat firing and to explain why one method is superior to another. American shooters, more than those of any other nationality, have to be shown the whys and wherefores of anything they use personally, especially when it is to be their basic combat weapon.

Define the term "instinctive pointing"; then let each student raise his arm and point toward any object, sighting along his finger to see the accuracy with which he instinctively points at the object. Then explain that this is the basis of combat firing.

Ideally, before a group of men is introduced to combat firing, they should have completed the target phase of instruction and be familiar with the weapons which they are going to use. The three basic differences between target work and combat work must be clearly explained and demonstrated. If the men are to use the .45 pistol, the effect of the convulsive grip upon the weapon's pointing qualities must especially be emphasized. Each student should make for himself the simple test described above, so that he can see the effect of the tight grip on the weapon when it is shovpd toward the target. It should be brought out that, from the use ok riii'. iiand i;un 125

raised pistol position, other hand guns, when shoved at the target, will react in the same manner in lesser degree.

All members of the group will not have the same degree of familiarity with hand guns and their firing, but all, including the dyed-in-the-wool target shooting advocates, must be convinced of the limitations of sighting methods in close combat.

Every possible means must be used to develop an aggressive spirit in the hand gun user. In the "fire fight" the shooter should always be going in toward the enemy. If he remains stationary, he is a better target. If he fires and keeps advancing, he is harder to hit, and the psychological effect on the enemy is great, even if he misses. Tell him, right off the bat, that he can get shot just as easily backing away from an enemy as walking toward him.

The Safety Habit As in any type of shooting, the safety factor must be stressed. However, in combat work the emphasis can not be too great, because training methods and practice will include pointing the gun at other individuals, as is necessary in combat. It must be impressed upon the student that he must never point his gun at another student until so instructed. The importance of automatically checking the weapon for live ammunition each time it is picked up must be drilled in from the very start. The student should do this until checking the firearm, whenever it comes into the hand, is instinctive. Impress upon the student that he is checking the piece not only because of the safety factor, but also because, prior to possible combat, he should be sure that the weapon he will use is loaded.

One of the most direct methods of ingraining the safety habit in men who have not previously been associated with weapons of any type is the following: Get a large leather paddle, such as is popular in a college fraternity house, and hang it where every one can see it. Make it a rule that any man who carelessly or thoughtlessly points his gun at another without being told to do so by the instructor, will have it used on him in the traditional manner by the man at whom he pointed the gun. Such a method is direct and is much better than a mere reprimand by the instructor. It will serve to make the shooter safety-conscious in a short time.

Combat Shooting. A very successful means of introducing combat shcoting is to line the students up against the butts and have the instructor, from a distance of not more than 10 feet in front of the group, fire a foot or two to either

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