Neck Pressure Points

A man lying on the ground or sitting in a seat can be moved quickly by pushing the forefingers in and up against the nerve centers which are at the hinge of the jaw, under the ears. This is a good way to test faked death or unconsciousness, since the pain is extremely intense. It is also effective as a release.

Two other humorous, but effective, come-alongs against persons who resist getting up from the prone or sitting position, are as follows:

(1) With the thumb and forefinger grasp the short hairs on the back of the head or nape of the neck, and pull forcefully. Although most people can resist the pulling of hairs on top of the head, the short ones on the back of the head and neck are placed where pressure on them causes intense pain. Men are usually more susceptible to this than women.

(2) A drunken man or woman can also usually be handled by using the thumb and forefinger to grab the lower lip. By pinching hard and twisting, as the pull is made, the victim will come along.

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