Sitting Neckbreak

This surprise attack from the rear is deadly and simple. It « ill result in an instant neck fracture.

Sitting Neck-Break. If your opponent is sitting in a low-backed chair, approach him from the rear. As you pass by, on the right or left side, and are opposite him, with the arm nearest the victim reach across and under his chin, with the hand coming around to the back of the neck. From this position, a contraction of the arm muscles plus an upward and backward jerk, will cause his neck to break instantaneously. It can be done almost without breaking your stride.

Wrist Throw. The wrist throw has several practical applications. The most practical would be in a situation in which a man has reached out and grabbed your shirt, coat lapel, or belt strap, with his right hand. With your left hand reach over to the inside of the grasping hand and place your left thumb in the back of his hand across the small knuckle bones. Your fingers will pass underneath the palm of his hand. With your hand in this position, twist his hand back sharply toward him and to his right and force it toward a point on the ground three or four feet from his right foot. He will immediately be forced to drop to the ground. From there, you can either release your hold on his hand as he goes down or retain it, pulling his arm out straight above his head as he goes down, and kicking him in the temple with your foot. In many cases, particularly when there is a great difference in size of opponents, it is advisable, after making the initial hold with your left hand, to use your right to give additional pressure and leverage in completing the throw. The same technique can be applied by doing just the opposite in the case of left-handed procedure. After practice, the individual

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