Taking A Prisoner At Gun Point

Keep out of arm's reach and keep the gun hand well back on the hip. From this position, the prisoner usually should be ordered to turn around, raise his hands higher, and spread his legs apart, before he is searched from the rear.

ally are quick to take advantage of carelessness and overconfi-dence on the part of the officer. They make full use of the element of surprise and the slowness of the officer's trigger reaction.

Rules for Handling Prisoner. The following general rules should be followed when handling a criminal at gun point.

(1) Give every indication—by inference, speech, actions— that you will unhesitatingly shoot at the slightest provocation. Dominate all the actions of the prisoner.

(2) Keep out of arm's reach until you are ready to search for weapons.

(3) Make the prisoner keep his hands way up in the air and his back toward you, if possible.

(4) Do not allow the prisoner to talk, look back, gesture or otherwise distract you.

(5) If the immediate area of the action is not suitable for an initial search for weapons move him by oral commands to a more suitable area. Use well-placed kicks, or shoves with the free hand, if necessary to make him move faster and obey orders promptly.

(6) If possible, use the wall search method when searching for weapons.

(7) If no wall is available, make the prisoner spread his legs until he is in an awkward position before approaching from the rear to search for weapons or other items. Do not, alone, search from the front, if it can be avoided.

(a) Keep your gun hand back against the hip and use your free hand to make the "frisk."

(b) Keep your foot that is on the same side as the searching hand against the heel of the suspect's shoe. Search the closest half section of his body; then move to the other side, change gun hands, and repeat.

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