Training Procedures

Before going into a detailed discussion of various disarming methods, it is well to consider the conditions under which they must be practiced. The element of uncertainty in an individual's mind, when practicing disarming, must be reduced to the lowest possible point before confidence will develop. All the demonstrations and lectures in the world will not enable a person actually to perform disarming unless he has practiced it in circumstnnccs as close to the real thing as possible. Unless proper training indoctrination is given by the instructor, covering such material as presented above, much time and effort can be wasted.

Practice must be realistic and real weapons must be used. These practice weapons may be loaded with blanks for the more advanced trainee, but, at the very least, they must be in such good condition that the hammer will fall when the trigger is pulled. Most police departments have on hand numbers of cheap weapons which have been confiscated from criminals. They are ideal for this purpose. By sawing off the firing pins and plugging the cylinders or barrels, the safety factor can be increased without reducing the realism. With most of these weapons, it is advisable to saw off the front of the trigger guard, so as to prevent broken fingers during practice, and to cut off any front or back sight blades that may cause cuts or scratches during practice.

Position for Disarming. Disarming with firearms should be practiced with hands upraised, so that the elbows are not be-

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