Vulnerable Parts Of The Body

The human body is made up of many vulnerable spots. Some are nerve centers, some are organs unprotected by a bony or muscular structure, and some are areas only lightly protected by bone or muscle tissue. About a dozen such spots can be attacked with marked results in combat. A well-timed blow or pressure brought to bear on one of these vital areas will disable an opponent or force him to cease offensive action. Man has many natural weapons—his head, teeth, elbows, feet, knees, hands and fingers—which he may use in attacking vulnerable spots. These spots are listed below in the order of their vulnerability and accessibility.

Testicles. These organs are the most sensitive and vulnerable of man's body. A hand, knee, or foot blow to the crotch

GROIN BLOW The best way to finish quickly any close-quarter fight is to use a strong hand, knee or foot blow to the groin—the testicle area.

will disable the strongest opponent. The best and strongest of holds can be broken if the testicles can be grasped or hit. Because of their extremely vulnerable location in the body, they are the most likely spot at which to expect an attack from an unscrupulous opponent. It should always be remembered, when closing in vital combat, that a good knee blow delivered to the testicle area will not only finish the fight, but also, while in the process of being delivered, will

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