Ba Gua Instructor Wang Shu Jin Remembered with a Memorial Stone placed at Dong Hai Chuans Tomb

In Volume 3, No. 1 of the Pa Kua Chang Journal, we presented a history of Dong Hai Chuan's tomb which now needs to be updated to include the newest addition to the tomb site. During a ceremony which took place on October 14, 1994, a stone tablet was erected by the Japanese Cheng Ming Society in memory of Wang Shu Jin. The tablet was placed on the left side of Dong's eight-sided tomb. The dedication of Wang's tomb was aided and supported by many noted Ba Gua Zhang practitioners from the Beijing area. Also present were several of Wang Shu Jin's direct disciples, including Wang Sheng Zhi, who expressed his heartfelt gratitude for all of Wang Shu Jin's teaching.

The dedication of the memorial tablet was headed by Wang Fu Lai and he was given enthusiastic support from members of the Japanese Cheng Ming Society. In attendance were Wang Fu Lai, Wang Sheng Zhi, the head of the Japanese Cheng Ming Society, and Huang Shu Chun, all 4th generation Ba Gua Zhang practitioners under Wang Shu Jin.

Also in attendance were the Beijing Ba Gua Zhang Association president Ma Chuan Xu and noted Ba Gua Zhang practitioners Zhao Da Yuan, Gao Ji Wu, He Shu Shun, and Sun Zhi Jun. Wang Shu Jin's two sons, from whom he was separated when he moved to Taiwan, were also present. All totaled, there were 50 people present at the ceremony.

The following day there were demonstrations given by various Ba Gua Zhang practitioners and members of the Beijing Yi Quan Association. Wang Xiang Zhai's daughter, Wang Yu Fang, who is honorary president of the Beijing Yi Quan Research Association, was also present.

Wang Xiang Zhai

The Wang Shu Jin memorial stone at Dong Hai Chuan's grave site (foreground, left of center )

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