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Over the last several years the Ba Gua Summer Retreat has become one of the most popular Ba Gua Zhang learning and sharing environments. Many instructors have created annual events which continue to grown in popularity. The summer retreat is an excellent format for students to submerse themselves in Ba Gua Zhang practice for anywhere from a few days to up to one week. Below we list four of the most popular events.

Park Bok Nam's East and West Coast Ba Gua Camps

Park Bok Nam Chi Gong

Park Bok Nam began his annual events with a three day camp in West Virginia in 1992. This event, which is now a 5 day annual event held in June in Maryland, was attended by 14 people in 1992 and has grown to over 40 attendees at the 1996 event. At the request of numerous west coast Ba Gua practitioners, Park began holding an annual west coast event in 1994. This year's west coast event will be held in Pacific Grove, CA, 6-8 September. Those interested in attending should contact Dan Miller at (408)622-0789.

Kootenay Lake Ba Gua Retreat

This camp is run by Canadian Ba Gua instructor Rex Eastman. The instructors at last year's event included Rex Eastman of the Kootenay Tai Chi Centre, Mike Smith of the Twin Mountain School, and Kevin Wallbridge of the Ching Wu Association (pictured).

Last year's event included instruction in Ba Gua basics, qi gong, single palm change, nine palace poles, figure eight stumps,

Baolin Chi Gong Palaces Qigong

Chinese medicine, self-defense, and weaponry. Students also enjoyed the nearby lake and wooded areas. This summer's event will occur between 19-25 August. For more information, contact: Rex Eastman (604) 352-3714.

Vince Black's Internal Martial Arts Retreat

Vince Black Tang Shou Tao

Over the past few years, Vince Black has established a strong contingent of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association in the San Francisco Bay Area. For two or three years now he has given a series of seminars about every 3 or 4 months in the Bay area, which have all been enthusiastically received. In order to intensify the training, last August he taught a week long Ba Gua, Xing Yi, and Chinese Medicine retreat at the OZ retreat center near Mendicino, CA. This year he will hold another Internal Arts intensive at Oz between 30 August and 6 September. Those interested in attending can contact Michael Clauson at (510) 718-2305.

Jasineres Meeting

This annual event, held each year in July, began as a European Tai Chi meeting in Jasnieres, France, however in 1992 they began to allow some Ba Gua instructors to participate and the Ba Gua has been enthusiastically received. Ba Gua instructors who have participated in past events include Nigel Sutton of England, Marc Appleman of Belgium, Luigi Zanini of Italy, and Serge Dreyer of France (shown at right).

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