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This article is based on interviews conducted with Xie Pei Qi in Beijing, China, in October 1992, April 1993, and September 1993. Thanks to translators Tim CartmeM, Bill Tucker Xu Yu Hong, and Huang Guo Qi.

Xie Pei Qi reminds me of the kind of guy that went to Ba Gua Zhang class everyday and did nothing but practice fighting. He is the "junk yard dog" of the Ba Gua Zhang community in Beijing - not too pretty, but very vicious. His motto is, "People who look pretty usually can't use their martial arts. People who can use their martial arts usually don't look pretty." He practices what he preaches. His forms may not be pretty, but you do not want to let him hit you and you especially don't want to let him grab you. He chuckles when he hears the cries of pain induced by his point grabbing techniques and he absolutely loves to introduce his guests to a particular spot on the wall in one corner of his living room, over and over and over again.

Xie Pei Qi started his martial arts career at the age of six (1928) practicing tan tui (Sf-M) with his father, Xie Qing Shan (^ J%t J-i). Xie's father was a well known martial artist and worked as a bodyguard for a

Xie Eight Evils

A young Xie Pei Qi (left) with his teacher Men Bao Zhen and a classmate

Manchurian official. When Xie was 18 he gave up tan tui and went to study Ba Gua Zhang with his neighbor Men Bao Zhen (Hf ^f). Men, who was Xie's next door neighbor, had seen Xie practicing tan tui and jokingly told him "Tan tui is useless. You ought to study Ba Gua Zhang."

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