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Yin Fu's top three students were Ma Gui (^"fr), Li Yong Qing and Men Bao Zhen (H fin that order. Others who reached a high level of skill were Gong Bao Tian (t t Yang Jun Feng (#1%^), Ju Qing Yuan (M&tL), Liu Dong Chen (#I Cui Zhen

f'J JHlr), and his family members Yin Cheng Zhang ( - his third son), Yin Yu Zhang (- Si ll - his fourth son) and He Jin Kui (i5]"^® - his son-in-law). Yin had a daughter whom also studied his Ba Gua. Of his two sons who studied his Ba Gua, it is said that his third son, Yin Cheng Zhang was the most skilled. He never became famous because he did not teach many students and he died young. Others who studied with Yin are as follows: Zhang Shou Hung, Tian Zi Qian ^r ft), Cao Zhong Sheng (f Wang Zhi Li Zhang Shan

Lu Shu Kui

For the most part, the Yin Fu disciples kept their Ba Gua to themselves and stayed in Beijing. Of Yin's best students only a few took Yin Fu's Ba Gua Zhang out of capital. The most notable of Yin's students who left Beijing were Gong Bao Tian, Li Ching Fu, and Tian Zi Qian who all went to Shandong Province; Cao Zhong Sheng who went to Shandong Province and then later to Tianjin; Ju Qing Yuan who went to Tianjin; and Yin Fu's son Yin Yu Zhang who taught primarily at the Qing Dao Martial Arts School in Shandong Province, however, he also traveled to teach at a few of the other provincial martial arts schools. As one can see, the concentration of Yin Fu's Ba Gua either stayed in Beijing or went to Shandong Province.

Not all of Yin Fu's students took students themselves and of those who taught in Beijing, many taught very conservatively. The branches of the Yin Fu school which are still active in Beijing today are being carried on by descendants of Men Bao Zhen, He Jin Kui, Ma Gui, Gao Wen Cheng, and Zhang Shou Hung. However, of today's descendants there are a rare few, if any, who retain the complete system of Yin's Ba Gua. Guo Yi lit), a martial arts scholar in Beijing, conducted extensive research into the Yin school of Ba Gua for his lengthy article entitled "A Brief Introduction to the Spread of

Bagua Zhang Style Bear System

Cao Zhong Sheng was a student of Ma Gui and Yin Fu. In 1942 Cao's student Liu Gin Gui wrote and published a book on Cao's Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua Zhang in the Beijing Region." In his article he comments, "Regretfully, there are very few complete systems of Ba Gua Zhang left. In the Yin style, many of the Ba Gua Zhang skills are lost and thus it is very difficult to give a complete and detailed description of Yin Fu's Ba Gua Zhang. Take the Lou Han Quan Shi Ba Tang as an example. This was an important training method in Yin's system, however, if the old men of the fourth and fifth generations of Ba Gua Zhang get together today, they can only work out four or five of the 18 routines as taught by Yin."

Although most of Yin Fu's Ba Gua Zhang remained in Beijing and Shandong, there were a few who took this system abroad. In 1928, Yin Fu stylists Zhang Hong Ji and Jia Xiu Zhai (f participated in the first martial arts demonstration and examination at the Central Martial Arts Academy in Nanjing. Later, Jia Xiu Zhai took Yin Fu's Ba Gua to Canton. Li Xing He ( a student of Liu Qing Wu, left Shandong and moved to Hong Kong and then later Taiwan, however he did not have many students. Two of Gong Bao Tian's students Gong Bao Zhai (t f #) and Liu Yun Jiao ( #J IMft) took Gong's branch of Yin's Ba Gua to Taiwan.

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