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Qi: The journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness: Insight Graphics, Inc., P.O. Box 221343, Chantilly, VA 22022 - Steve Rhodes and his crew at Insight Graphics continue to provide readers with interesting information relating to all aspects of Traditional Eastern health and fitness. The magazine is produced in a very high quality format.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts: 821 West 24th Street, Erie, PA 16502 - This is a high quality publication which provides well researched articles in a scholarly fashion.

1993 Calendar of Pa Kua Chang Workshops and Seminars




Contact for Information

Bok Nam Park

Boston, MA

23 Jan 93

Marc Sachs

(508) 668-2239

Andrew Dale

Los Angeles Area, CA

30-31 Jan 93

Harvey Kurland

(714) 796-3332

Bok Nam Park

Pacific Grove, CA

20 Feb 93

Dan Miller

(408) 373-6896

Bok Nam Park

San Francisco, CA

21 Feb 93

Dan Miller

(408) 373-6896

Bok Nam Park


March 93

Jacopo Silicani

(Address on next page)

Bok Nam Park

New York, NY

April 93

Ken Delves

(718) 788-7190

Bok Nam Park

Richmond, VA

May 93

Glenn Moore

(804) 794-8384

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Pa Kua Chang Journal will feature:

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