Please tell me about Pa Kua pushing hands

There are eight fixed Beijing Pa Kua T'ui Shou. Fixed

Wrist Position

Wang Wen-Kuei, now deceased, was Liu Hsing-Han's elder kung fu brother under Ch'eng T'ing-Hua's student Liu Pin.

Movement Palm Hands Martial

Wang Wen-Kuei and Liu Hsing-Han practice together in 1980.

means the feet don't move. They are very different from T'ai Chi T'ui Shou. After these are done correctly, you then begin to learn moving Pa Kua T'ui Shou. There are more than eight of the moving T'ui Shou. Also, the student must know the applications to all the eight palm changes. This is very important. Why do you move this way? Why is the hand in this position? Each movement and change must be studied and understood.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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