Ambush From Behind

Advance to a position behind the enemy, armed in this case with a garrote. This consists of a length of thin steel cable approximately two feet long or a length of the sayo, the cord used to tie the sword to the belt.

Fig. 71-Wrap the ends of the cable around your fists and grip the central position with the thumbs. Some schools advocate crossing the garrote, forming a loop to slip over the enemy head. This merely makes the attack more difficult and less likely to succeed.

Fig. 72-Drop the garrote over the enemy's head and pull back with both hands, exerting sufficient pressure to force the enemy backward. His reaction will be to try to seize the garrote and relieve the pressure against his throat. This attack affects the trachea, preventing any outcry, as well as shutting off the blood supply to the brain through the carotid artery.

Fig. 73-Continue to exert choking pressure with the arms, crossing the fists behind the enemy neck. Drive the knee upward into the small of his back, breaking the spine. To finish him off, you can twist to your right, dropping him face down, and sit atop him on your knee until he ceases to struggle.

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