Ambush From Below

When cover is scarce or low, consider attacking from below. Select a point of concealment above which the enemy will pass and from which you may launch your assault unseen.

Fig. 68-As the enemy passes, cup his rear foot in the palm of' your hand (the right in this case), simultaneously poising the dagger in your left.

Fig. 69-Scoop the enemy foot forward as he shifts his weight forward onto his lead foot, lifting it clear of the ground and breaking his balance to the rear. Cock the dagger beside your left ear in an ice-pick grip.

Fig. 70 -As the enemy falls beside you, landing on his shoulders, pivot over your right knee and drive the dagger downward into his heart. It is essential that you sweep the enemy as he takes his weight off his rear foot. This prevents him from saving himself by taking a quick step forward.

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