Erh Lung Te Twin Dragon Fist

These techniques are used in the event the enemy is successful in cornering you and launches a Fist attack. They result in the enemy's permanent blindness, making possible your escape.

Fig. 99 -Should the enemy throw a right lead, fall back slightly and counter with a right Mirror-Block. This action crosses the enemy with his own arm, preventing him from using his left hand to attack. Bear in mind that in Ninjitsu one does not truly block-one strikes. Therefore, the mirror-block is actually an attack to the wrist. By striking the ulnar nerve at this point, one numbs the arm.

Fig. 100 -Immediately overturn with the right hand, trapping tile enemy's right wrist and pulling him forward. Remember, he is forward already, heaving advanced to launch his attack in the first place. This action pulls him even farther, breaking his balance. As you begin to tip the enemy over, extend the left hand palm down, with the index and middle fingers out-

i stretched. This forms the Twin Dragon Fist. The third and little fingers are curled into the hand. Do not stiffen tile fingers as they will be easily broken. Do not drive forward with the fingers; rather, draw the enemy to them. No great amount of strength is required-only accuracy.

Fig. 101 -If the enemy is more cautious and launches a left jab or hook, fall back slightly, executing a right shoulder-block. Again, you are actually attacking the wrist, in this case the radial nerve. This action opens the enemy center line to attack.

Fig. 102 -Before the enemy's arm can be recovered from his left jab, strike out from the right shoulder-block position with the Twin Dragon Fist, attacking the eyes. Do not stiffen the fingers; imitate the action of a serpent striking. Use the left arm to execute a depressing forearm block as you lash out. This will deflect any attack that might have been launched by the enemy's right fist or, as in this case, will trap his left arm, preventing him from saving himself.

Blinding a fellow human being is an extreme measure and should only be used in self-defense. Deliberately breaking into a man's castle to rob him or kill him is NOT self-defense. It should also be noted that these two techniques, the Inside and Outside Finger Jab are the hallmarks of the Black Dragon Fighting Society self defense system. It may be brutal, but is it more brutal than being killed? That is the question to be considered.

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