Escape From Headlock

This technique works well against a rear naked choke or side headlock. Should the enemy seize you and seek to employ the rear choke, the first consideration is freeing the windpipe. To accomplish this, turn the head inward toward the enemy ribs and dig into his torso with your chin. This is an old wrestling trick to make the enemy "jump" so his balance can be broken. Second, it will provide a breathing space and take the pressure off your neck so that the headlock, which painful, is not a choke-hold.

Fig. 89- The enemy has secured a Rear Naked Choke from behind, his forearm pressing against the windpipe, making it difficult to breathe. Relieve this pressure by gripping his wrist from below and turning you heard to the Fig 89 "open" side of his hold. This is a good example of "starting in the opposite direction from the true intent.

Fig. 90- Back Out Step with the left leg, unexpectedly turning the Choke into a Side Headlock without the enemy's permission. Or start from the Headlock, since it is a commonly encountered hold. Reach over his shoulder and cup his chin in your right hand. Tilt his head back. Reach behind his left knee with your left hand and bend his knee by pressing on the ligaments behind the kneecap.

Fig. 91- Drop onto your left knee, turning the enemy by the two holds to fall across your upraised right knee. This will snap his spine if done quickly. Immediately releasing the arm around your head or neck.

Fig. 90

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