Following In The Footsteps Of The Sentry

Of course, the simplest and most daring technique of infiltrating the enemy encampment is to have him open the door for you.

Fig. 55- Having advanced to a position behind the enemy, fix your attention on the back of his skull and key your actions to his. As he steps forward with his left foot, cross-step (Heng Pu) behind with your right foot. Cock your left Backfist beside the right ear. Maintain a covered stance at all times by crossing the right arm over the body. Direct the Qi forward with the right palm.

You can strike the enemy sentry at any time when following him in this manner (Ken Sui Shao Ping) by whipping out with the left Backfist, opening the hand at the moment of impact to strike the base of his skull in an upward stroke with the sword edge of the hand (Shuto). The impact of this blow must be sufficient to lift the skull free of the cervical vertebrae and sever the spinal cord. Death is instantaneous. Continue to follow the sentry by this sequence.

Sentry Killing TechniquesDeath Was Instantaneous

Fig. 56-The enemy has advanced to his objective. Cross-step behind once more, adjusting balance to keep your shape behind the enemy's shoulders. When following in this manner, it does not matter if the enemy should sense your presence and quickly move around to catch you. This is due to the time lag factor between seeing, identifying, and acting.

As the enemy steps forward with his right foot, step out with your left. This places you in a karate frontal stance, with your left side to the enemy. The arms remain as before; the left fist is tensed and will act as Mu-Te or Striking Hand, while the right hand shields the body. These steps must be executed quickly and lightly; they also must be synchronized with the enemy's steps so that he does not hear you.

Fig. 56-The enemy has advanced to his objective. Cross-step behind once more, adjusting balance to keep your shape behind the enemy's shoulders. When following in this manner, it does not matter if the enemy should sense your presence and quickly move around to catch you. This is due to the time lag factor between seeing, identifying, and acting.

It does not matter in which stance he may catch you, and it does not matter which way he turns, though most often he will pivot forward (to his left rear if his right foot is forward).

Fig. 57- In certain cases it may be necessary to follow a sentry in order to pass through locked doors. Once the door is open, shift body weight forward and turn his corner, bringing yourself into his peripheral view. This will cause him to turn toward you.

Fig. 58-Jam his right arm since it holds the weapon, and simultaneously strike into his face with the left Backfist. Here the right hand acts as Soe-Te, or Entangling Hand. Strike his nose directly as this will cause uncontrollable watering of the eyes, as well as muffle any outcry. This allows you sufficient time to permanently quiet him.


It may be necessary to eliminate a sentry in order to penetrate the enemy camp. The principle of Nyudaki No Jitsu is used to take advantage of the psychological weakness of a sentry. Nyudaki is translated from the Japanese to mean "idleness" or a "dislike for being industrious." It is advisable to select your target carefully. Bear three things in mind when seeking to discover the shortcomings of an enemy: first, never look down on the enemy and underestimate him; second, never fear the enemy and act without confidence; and third, never hesitate..

In attacking a sentry, two facets should be considered: He must be killed as quickly as possible, and he must make no outcry. It is preferable to remove a sentry when he will be least missed, such as shortly after post checks that occur at regular intervals.

People sleep most deeply between 3:00 and 5:00 A.M. The body is accustomed to this cycle. Therefore, a sentry, nearing the end of the watch, shortly after a post check, and just before dawn, is a prime target. He probably will not be missed until the changing of the guard. Also, those inside the camp will be in their deepest sleep and thus are less likely to hear a muffled cry.

It should be noted that these techniques have been taught to British Commandoes, U.S. Special Forces, and before them to Thuggees, assassins and Chinese bandits throughout history. Have no doubt of their effectiveness and study the anatomy of the human body to know where to place the blade accurately.

Classical Ninjitsu teaches that there are three basic methods of attacking a Sentry from ambush, from above, below, or behind. The initial attack must be totally incapacitating and catch the enemy completely off guard. Attacking from a position of concealment or ambush increases the probability of success by a factor of four and increases the damage done by the attack by a factor of three because the enemy is unprepared for the strike.

Discussed next are the five assassination options open to the knife-wielding Ninja: Slitting the Throat; Kidney Thrust,- Subclavian Artery Thrust; Jugular Thrust; and the Heart Thrust.

Fig. 59 -Approach to within three or four feet of the enemy and assume the illustrated stance. This will enable you to make a lightning strike by springing on him. The dagger is held in the lead hand (Mu-Te) while the left arm acts to seize and hold the enemy for the knife thrust (Soe-Te).

The stance should be a slight crouch. This will lower the center of gravity, increasing the balance, place the body below normal eye-level, making it harder to see, and make it possible to approach the Sentry silently, using the Pa Pu Step, to within striking distance. The Chinese army teaches its soldiers to crawl within twenty feet of the enemy before standing to make the final assault. This is so that if the enemy should suspect your presence and » turn quickly, you can make a quick rush at him over the remaining distance and strike before he can raise an alarm or get off a shot.

Lift More Then The EnemyPrevent Outcry Enemy Sentry

SLITTING THE THROAT ^ / Fig. 60-Spring forward and cup the enemy chin with the left palm, lifting jj^jgx it clear of the throat. Draw the blade across the throat at the level of the ■jkJH^B^ cricoid cartilage, beginning at the hilt and stroking to the tip. This attack slices the trachea, preventing any sort of outcry; then cuts deeper, sever-^jV JHr ing the carotid sheath. The sentry dies in twelve seconds due to oxygen bShKHUi starvation of the brain. Unconsciousness occurs in five seconds. KIDNEY THRUST

Fig. 61-Spring forward, whipping the left wrist into the enemy's trachea to prevent outcry. The effectiveness of this blow is easily demonstrated by tapping one's Adam's apple with only one-twentieth of the force required. This action disrupts the phrenic nerve, causing the diaphragm to cease pumping air in and out of the lungs. Simultaneously drive the dagger into the kidney horizontally. Cut to both sides by pushing and pulling tile wrist side to side. Death results in thirty seconds and no help of man can prevent it.

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