Full Lotus Position

Sit in a Full Lotus Pose, right foot sole uppermost on the left thigh, left foot sole uppermost crossing the right shin, locking it into place, on the right thigh. Relax the shoulders, straighten the back, do not lean. Close the eyes and empty the Mind. This is often difficult, but the purpose of meditation is to calm the surface of the Pool of the Subconscious. Human Beings see the reality as it is reflected in this "magic mirror." If the surface is troubled, then one cannot see or think clearly. Thus the symbolism of the Water element. This will calm the mind, heal the body, and help you to see yourself inside. Clench the fists and place them on the knees, palm uppermost. This will aid in diminishing your thoughts and enable you to concentrate on the experience of inner energy. Take three deep breaths, imagining the numbers 3-2-1 with each as you "count down to relaxation." At the conclusion of the third breath, imagining the numeral 1, swallow and place the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This connects the psychic channels of the body at the crown and the base of the torso. Click your teeth together thirty-six times. Do this lightly and at an even pace. This calms the heart, even in times of stress.

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