JEN 6th Kanji Mudra

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The sixth center of power is located behind the throat. It controls speech and hearing, and corresponds to the pharangeal plexus. Its element is air, its color is the shade of pure sea water. From the heel, the Yang Chiao, or Positive Leg Channel, rises along the outer sides of the ankles and legs, up the sides of the body, around the head, and down below the car, ending at the sixth center. If this channel is not functioning properly, one will be unable to sleep. Also, disorders arising from imbalance, paralysis, weakness, and lethargy will be noted.

Form the kanji by placing the hands back to back as before, and interlocking the fingers inside. This time keep the fingers enclosed between the palms, extending none.

Describe the illustrated figure by tracing five horizontal and four vertical lines for visualization, using the thumbs (knuckle) as a pointer. Place the hands in the lap.

Hold the head erect, facing forward, with the eyes closed. Inhale deeply and fully through the nose, filling the lungs from bottom to top. The tongue should be placed lightly against the roof of the mouth. Exhale through the nose as you hum, vibrating the palate and stimulating the Heavenly Pool. Empty the lungs from top to bottom. This causes the exhalation to be extended beyond the inhalation and causes the exhalation to be more complete. Because of the depth of the breath taken, the blood becomes more alkaline. Repeat this movement eighty-one times.

This technique sometimes involves the yogic Aum to extend the exhalation. It develops the psychic sense of hearing allowing one to hear the inner voice. Further, it stimulates the proximity sense which allows one to feel the presence of the enemy and locate him in total darkness.

At this stage of meditation, the object of concentration loses its associations with either name or concept; the object is simply the object. The student comes to differentiate between the dimensions of reality and those of the mind and gains access to the inner knowledge.

This center controls all of the automatic body functions ruled by the cephalic region of the brain. It also serves as the psychic force which separates the astral body from the physical at the time of death. Meditation on this center leads to the philosophical concept of oneself-"I am that I am."

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