Ju Men Entering Door

When confronted by a closed door, approach its latch side. Press your back to the wall next to the jamb. Slowly open the latch using the right hand and peek inside through the aperture thus provided. Place the left hand on the wall near the shoulder and be prepared to push off and escape should you draw attention.

In all instances, listening at the doorjamb is equally as important as trying to see inside.

Ju Men Pu, the Entering Pivot of the Kuji Ashi, is used to enter a doorway without being observed. At night, when you enter a lighted room, light will escape as the door is opened, revealing your presence. If the interior is unlit, the shadow cast by the door, or its very movement may give you away:

To overcome this, press the shoulder against the doorjamb, gripping the latch with the left hand. Open the door quietly, inch by inch, and move slowly forward. Hold the cloak or hand above the head, lightly touching the top of the door, to fill the newly formed opening.

Press into the opening, filling the gap and allowing no fight to escape. Step in and back with the right foot first. Slide the hips in, then the shoulders. The head, the left foot, and lastly the right hand are drawn inside. The right hand is lowered only after the door is closed from within.

By this method, the door is opened only slightly, lessening the chance that the hinges will creak, or that the movement of the door will betray you.

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