Al Kuan Standing Switch

Should the enemy seize you about the waist in seeking to capture you, it is possible to reverse positions with him or escape by employing the Standing Switch.

Fig. 92 -As the waist cinch is secured, drive your left arm down along the inside of the enemy's knee. This locks his elbow between your hip and tricep. Toe-out with the left foot and drop the left shoulder.

Fig. 93 -Pivot on the ball of the left foot, swinging the right leg for added momentum. This action will certainly break the waist cinch or dislocate the enemy's elbow. Step behind the enemy with your right foot, maintaining a grip on his thigh with your left hand. From here you may step behind with the left foot and cinch him, or slide up and apply the Japanese Strangle.

Fig. 94

Fig. 95

Fig. 96

Fig. 97

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