Lun Tou Wheel Throw

Fig. 94 -Should the enemy seize you by both wrists, free your hands by rotating them up and to the outside line. (Double Mirror Block) Step forward with the left foot, striking with double palm heels to the enemy's chest. This will drive him slightly back, breaking his balance to the rear. Grip the enemy lapels with both hands. If lapels are not available, cup both hands behind his head.

Fig. 95 -Maintaining your hold on the enemy, sit down near your left heel, pulling him forward and onto you, taking advantage of his natural reaction in trying to save himself from being pushed backward. Execute Ke-Age (kicking up) with the right leg. Strike the enemy groin or Hara.

Fig. 96 -Use your grip on the enemy to support him over you. This prevents his falling forward too fast and striking you with his head. Place the left foot in the enemy's Hara and push up strongly with both legs, lifting him off the ground. Fig. 97 -Push the enemy clear allowing him to Backfall to a head-to-head position above you. The impact alone of this fall is sufficient to drive the air from his lungs and incapacitate him. Using your grip on the enemy to maintain your momentum, execute a back roll swinging the feet overhead, tucking the head to one side, and pulling with both hands. Fig. 98 -Completing the Back Roll, land with the buttocks on the enemy chest or abdomen, driving the air from his lungs and crushing the chest cavity. Both knees should land on his biceps, rupturing the muscles. Release the grip on the enemy with the right hand and execute a driving Palm Heel to the enemy chin, snapping his neck. The Wheel Throw, or Tomoe-Nage, illustrates one P of the fundamental principles common to all martial arts- yielding. By alternately pushing the enemy back then using his own resistance to pull him forward, it is easy to unbalance even a much larger opponent. And send him crashing to the mat. Tomoe-Nage is a basic sport Judo throw, but has it's roots in Jujitsu., the much more ancient martial art of the Samurai. 75

Tomoe Groin

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